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A Jordan Low-Down

They say Jordan reveals its charms slowly and surely. This is one of those destinations that might have been on your list forever, or never featured there and this blog will only trigger you to look at it for the first time. The reason why it made it to our list is that it’s close, […]

When We Saw Thailand With a ‘Luxury’ Slant

How do we manage to create the best luxury trips for you? We have to give credit to the Tourism Boards and hotel partners who really help us discover the country and fine-tune plans for different target audiences. These are familiarisation trips that need so much planning as there is pressure on the organisers/tourism boards […]

Luxury Wildlife Lodges in the Heart of India

Hundreds of kilometres of wilderness interject fertile plains and glinting rivers in the heart of India – a constantly changing landscape which is intensely green by the double-barrelled monsoon. Except, when you’re in Madhya Pradesh. Here, the forests take dominance, covering more than 60% of the state in natural forested lands, where a pantheon of […]

Europe for the Summers?

Whether you are a city slicker or a country mouse, Europe’s treasures, vaunted cuisine, vibrant nightlife and shopping beckon – especially in the summer. After being holed up for more than 2 years, travellers are out again to look for the best luxury travel deals to visit cooler climes. Confused as to which country should […]

Are you still asking “Why Ladakh?”

For the vertically inclined, there is nothing more appealing than dramatic forested gorges that rise to skylines of snow-capped glaciated peaks. Add to that the high-altitude desert topography dripping with rhododendron forests in fall and the soothing hum of prayer wheels on mountain top monasteries. This doesn’t even begin to describe what Ladakh holds in […]

4 Reasons You Need To Plan A Trip With Your Sibling

Sibling trips are becoming increasingly popular in the last few years (pandemic years don’t count). As one grows older, the daily battles of clothes, TV time and dining table arguments seem like a distant memory and the bond with siblings grows stronger. We seem to be getting way too many requests from siblings and we […]