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Milestones achieved or celebrating momentous events, means the perfect opportunity to connect with family and friends to share in the joy of your special moments. A silver anniversary in Argentina, gold in the golden hued beaches of Zadar touched by the golden rays of the setting sun, your 40th or 50th in on a Harley in Cape town with a lunch buffet in the balmy vineyards of Franschhoek or would you rather fancy a girlie getaway pampering yourself with luxurious treatments in the world’s sought after spa’s and shopping expeditions with some clubbing? YOLO so wear your heart on your sleeve and spread the love and joy on your special day.

The Paris of the Middle East – Beirut and Beyond

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That calls for a hundred percent undiluted fun celebration.

Time to put on those dancing shoes and don your party hat to ring it in with some dazzling fireworks over sparkling wine and gourmet food. Lazy days exploring the ancient cities of Lebanon and glitzy evenings in the company of your loved ones blabbering over Babel bay, crooning to local Lebanese music or whizz off on a boat ride bond style. Soaring high, gliding over Jounieh Bay as you admire the vistas spread out underneath your feet, makes one feel truly blessed for a life surrounded by an all-encompassing love and joyful experiences.