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Your fairy tale romance is serious business for us. We love to extend our passion, knowledge and expertise in putting together a trip that doesn’t fall short in any way. So whether you want to spend your perfect vacation on the beach or a secluded corner of the world, or whether you want to do something adventurous, or spend time knowing the extent of how much your partner can shop, we have all that it takes to help you make this special trip a worthy memory.


“Standing here waiting on the edge of paradise, head spinning and falling for you… loving you is all I know.” And that’s just fine!! You can leave the thinking to us to curate a special occasion to celebrate your love. A romantic getaway, honeymoon, babymoon, or anniversary. Our holiday programmes are thoughtfully crafted to create your paradise!

Honeymoon in South America


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An ageless romance with nature and a history of a long lost ancient kingdoms, discover the warmth of a land where magic meets intrigue.

Boho chic and bohemian enclaves are unravelled during the day and the evening ends with one soaking in the breath taking vistas of the spectacular Pacific Ocean cocooned In luxury. Gliding over the clifftops like the elegant candor or indulging in the epicurean delights of the famed Peruvian cuisine Lima is a vibrant city pulsating with a rich tradition of art and culture.

The Inca empire has left an indelible footprint in the valley and towering mountains of Cusco and sacred valley. Their masterpiece Machu Pichu is evocative of the golden period of the enigmatic Incas shrouded in mystery. Relax in this treasure trove in the lap of mother nature and rejuvenate with treatments inspired by Andean and Inca culture. The hot pot of culture- the traditional markets are alive with the local handicrafts, resonating the symbiotic relationship the deeply held beliefs of a spiritual people share with pachamama or mother earth.

A rugged terrain and a barren white landscape greets the eye at the world’s largest salt plains –Uyuni. A story of betrayal and passionate love, the Uyuni landscape is now dotted by star crossed couples in love gazing at the night sky. Whispers of promises to be kept forever and the hope of a lifetime of endearing romance fills the air as they embark on the journey of a lifetime…

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