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You can expect this trip to be an exciting one with Northern Lights, Santa’s own pad and the wonderful huskies as few of the main highlights. Surrender yourself to snowy Lapland and let us create a trip of a lifetime for you. Rovaniemi is the most well-connected city in Lapland. The international airport, a ten-minute drive out of town, connects to multiple cities across Europe and even Asia and North America, with multiple daily flights to the Helsinki airport. The train station and bus station connect Rovaniemi to other towns and villages in Lapland, as well as the cities of southern Finland. Rovaniemi has been the provincial capital of Lapland for decades, with all the conveniences, connections and arctic culture you can expect. Downtown features three shopping centers, two town squares, multiple public parks, and cafes on every other street.

Day 1:

Touchdown at Rovaniemi. Congrats – you are officially in the home town of Santa! Check-in at your warm, wooden exclusive Scandinavian tree-house that combines local tradition and Lappish heritage. Lavish views to the surrounding forest and Northern skies open up from the panoramic window. This day is to relax as you try meals made of local ingredients, but prepared with a modern twist. As you sit by the beckoning fireplace beneath the pine cone lamps, the delicious flavours will create out-of-the-ordinary and divinely tasty moments.


Day 2:

This day is made for dog lovers. We introduce you to the most hard working huskies in the world who take you happily down the forest trail. This is typical of life in the Arctic.  Next is the Santa Claus Village where the Christmas magic can be experienced year-round. This magical latitude has attracted travellers since the 1950’s and since crossing the Arctic Circle (66°33’45.9’) has been on the bucket list.


Day 3:

Have a tete-a-tete with Santa at his office and transfer for a lake floating experience under the Auroras (Northern Lights). Let your mind and body float wearing rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry.


Day 4:

This day is reserved for a nature photography tour with a leading operator in the Rovaniemi area. We design once in a lifetime adventures to experience the real and authentic Arctic nature exclusively in the most sustainable way. Beyond Arctic is deeply committed to minimise environmental impact and to protect the Arctic nature. You can also extend this to the local museum.

Day 5:

Transfer to the town of Levi, the largest recreational resort of Finland. It is situated in Lapland, 170 km north of the Arctic Circle and Rovaniemi City. Levi is a compact resort, having all the necessary holiday services within a walking distance. There are ready safaris and programs to ease your pick – they are organised for you and planned to include everything necessary. Step into a magical world of ice and snow. Another husky ride in the evening increases the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.


Day 6:

By now you should feel like a natural in the snow. That’s why it’s time to learn the basics of skiing and snowmobiling with safety instructions and proper gear like helmet, balaclava, mittens, and snow overalls. Tonight, you stay in an igloo. The glass igloos rest on the fell slope and offer luxury on the edge of the wilderness: a view of the rugged fell landscape and the northern sky, high-quality accommodation, and personalised, heartfelt service.


Day 7:

Transfer to Helsinki. Relax and enjoy the food pitstops we’ve planned for you with a quick stop at the Design museum. We offer experiences based on the best, local and organic produce, without waste. This day is a highlight for foodies.


Day 8:

On the last day, enjoy the sauna culture that is making a revival in Helsinki. In addition to a smoke sauna, traditional sauna and private sauna for groups, visitors will be able to enjoy Finnish food culture while admiring the stunning views from the large terrace that stretches out over the sea. In the evening check-out and leave for your flight.

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